Anna Mae Perillo, Esq.

Anna Mae Perillo is a dedicated legal professional with a focus on family law, namely divorce mediation. In addition to operating her own practice, she serves as an Arbitrator, a position she has held for more than 15 years. In this role, Anna Mae Perillo lends her legal expertise to resolving contract and automobile cases in Monmouth County through arbitration.

Many other aspects of legal representation interest Anna Mae Perillo, and she has successfully assisted clients in several capacities over her 25-year career. In the area of personal injury, she has obtained many large settlements and has secured for her catastrophically injured clients a wide range of things, including wheelchair ramps, more than 15 accessible vans, and funding to hire a nursing staff. She also assists in matters of residential closings and preparation of various types of wills.

Anna Mae Perillo is particularly passionate about the resolution of disputes outside of the courtroom through Mediation and Collaborative Law, which she has found preferable to lengthy, hostile, and expensive adversarial processes. It is Anna Mae Perillo’s opinion that there is too much conflict and ugliness in contested cases, and she believes that the parties involved in a divorce can often come to an agreement in a relatively civil and decent manner. For her work in this field, she received the title of one of New Jersey’s Top Mediators from NJBiz Magazine.

As a current leader in the push for Mediation and Collaborative law, Anna Mae Perillo not only practices law, but also teaches the merits of her approach in such places as the New Jersey Law Center and the 8-hour Mediation Training class that she developed a few years ago at the request of the Jersey Shore Collaborative Law Group. Anna Mae Perillo helped found the Jersey Shore Collaborative Law Group in 2005, and she currently belongs to that group as well as its Two Rivers Chapter. She is an accredited member of the New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators as well.

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